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Top 10 Best AI Tools Like Chat GPT for Improved Results in 2023

With the help of artificial intelligence, a lot of data can now be processed and used in the industry. With the development of AI and ML, more tools and frameworks are available to data scientists and developers, such as Chat GPT, which shows the power of AI. So I’ve made a list of the ten best AI tools you can use immediately for different activities.


Mid-journey creates AI art, not just regular art but very high-definition art. So realistic that in fact, you wouldn’t be able to tell if a true artist created this or not. Here in the above picture, you can see some pictures created in different types of styles and variations. And these are simply amazing. I cannot believe that AI simply produced these and if you want a better idea of how these are created you simply put in a text form and outcomes an image as simple as that. Here’s an example of one.

midjourney frog

It says it’s a coqui frog as in a VF-1 Valkyrie MACROSS JET style. fantasy, photorealistic. 16k, unreal 5 engine, ultra, upplight. AI art is not just limited to things like animals or people it can span everything including website designs which I actually kind of like especially for inspiration. You can find different websites that the mid-journey system has put together.

Adobe Podcast

adobe podcast

Number two is Adobe’s new AI tool called a podcast. It enhances audio. Let’s take a look. Currently, in the beta version, you can request access but if you already have an Adobe account you should be able to sign a straight-in. It essentially removes background noise. To get the best results from your recording, there is a Mic Check tool that assesses the efficiency of your recording setup (by using AI). It notifies you whether you are too close or enough from your mic, how much gain you need, and how background noise is affecting your recording. Users of Adobe Podcast can now record audio remotely via a link, which is then synchronized back up using the cloud. It makes the microphone look much higher. You can do two different tests using your regular audio here from your microphone as well as just maybe some audio from my phone.

NVIDIA broadcast

Nvidia broadcast homepage

Nvidia broadcast is another tool that is really awesome because it allows you to talk to the camera but not physically look at it and the Nvidia AI is updating your eyes to look right at you even though.  This could be very useful especially if you’re doing lots of meetings and you need to look at different spots around your screen or you can’t directly look at the camera. So instead, you can look off to the side but the camera automatically updates in the Nvidia AI to make you look at the camera. It can also do other things like remove background noise, remove backgrounds entirely without even using a green screen or follow your face around for example if you move a lot. It’s also one of the rare ones that are completely free. It only takes a few steps to get up and running so definitely try it out.


Codedamn homepage

There is a learning platform that allows you to learn all the fundamentals you would need to be job ready for programming. They have a full stack development roadmap with a course that goes along with it that teaches you all of this.

full stack development roadmap

You can jump in there and even if for example, you’ve learned some front end you can learn all the rest of that including the back end and much more by simply clicking on this road map and finding what you want to learn. Other courses are interactive. They’ve got a full IDE, an environment that lets you learn to code with re-world examples, projects, quizzes, and much more. This means that you can jump in there, you can select what you want to run or what you want to learn, you can play around with the environment and even if you get stuck they’ve integrated chat GPT into it so it’s like a little assistant that helps you along the way. This is really cool. They also have a pro membership that unlocks every bit of feature that you want. That’s 50% off but in terms of the full stack development road map that is also discounted in the link below. Definitely check that out if you’ve ever been interested in learning to code.


descript homepage

Descript is the next one on this list. What makes it unique is that it processes different types of videos then creates captions for them and allows you to edit those captions while editing the video at the same time. It allows users to edit audio and video using natural language processing and transcription technology, Descript uses natural language processing to allow users to edit audio and video files using text commands. For example, users can say “move the section starting with ‘hello’ to the beginning of the clip” and the app will make the necessary changes. It can also transcribe audio and video files into text, making it easy to edit and manipulate the content of the file, and you can integrate with a variety of tools and platforms, including YouTube, SoundCloud, and Adobe Creative Cloud. This makes it easy to publish and share content created in Descript with a wider audience.

Notion AI

notion ai homepage

Notion is integrating AI into note-taking very similar to chat GPT but more so specifically embedded into the notes that you normally do. You can use notion AI to write out blog posts or for example, create bullet points for different ideas you might have and much more. It is in beta but I signed up for the waitlist a while ago and I got in there pretty quickly. Here you can do the AI assistant to write an introduction about why you should use 10 AI tools or any other thing as part of your day-to-day. Then I can go one step further and brainstorm ideas. Using maybe something like 10 good key points and examples of AI tools that can actually be used in the re-world. This is just a brief example of some of the things it can do. When you right-click and select more there are dozens of more items here using AI. Everything from creating outlines to essays and poems translating to other languages such as Korean or Japanese as well as even doing things like summarizing everything you’ve written so far into a nice conclusion or maybe even introduction.

synthesia homepage

Synthesia is one that actually compiles videos of someone talking basically an AI narrator. With the fact that that text GPT can now create the text for you  & you could plug it straight into something like Synthesia to basically have a YouTube channel completely created using AI. The fact I like aout Synthesia is that they’ve got a number of different types of avatars and they work in different languages. Even on a basic level, I can see how this could be a game changer for YouTubers who want to re-upload their videos in other languages. With Synthesia, we can use the video in scenarios where we wouldn’t have the resources. It has been used to business governance, product training, and the explanation of existing processes.

Resemble AI

Resemble AI homepage

It’s a tool that uses AI to generate voices even your own which is something I want to try out. It’s meant to copy emotions and convert a speech to speech as well as localization. Resemble AI uses advanced deep learning algorithms to produce high-quality, natural-sounding speech in real-time, the feature of voice cloning allows users to train a voice model using their voice samples. This enables users to generate speech in their own voice, making it ideal for content creators and voiceover artists. You can also integrate it using simple API into a variety of applications and platforms, including websites, mobile apps, and software tools, and process capabilities of Resemble to make it an ideal tool for applications that require fast, on-demand speech generation, such as virtual assistants and chatbots.

In 2023, you won’t have to accept AI tools that don’t meet your needs. Companies that have embraced AI tools have already achieved greater success in their respective industries. AI is not only driving the business forward, but it’s also increasing productivity at an accelerated pace. Therefore, it’s important to expand both your technical and soft skills in AI and ML to stay current with the latest and upcoming trends. Do you have a question for us? If so, please leave it in the comments section

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